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WERC is delighted to present the Guardian Series of illustrations to support the conservation and educational outreach of the Wolf Education & Research Center. The artist Christopher Montero writes, "Predator animals have always fascinated the human mind. Regardless of their size, carnivores are central components in maintaining the diversity and resiliency of their ecosystems. Wild landscapes without carnivores are no longer wild. They are true guardians of nature's balance.

Your purchase helps pay for the ongoing cost of WERC's Passport to Wildlife biology immersion experiences throughout the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and our online educational community. That includes our online classroom featuring five experts in wildlife biology, ecology, education, and writing, and filmmaking, our investment in the next generation of wildlife stewards. 

Thank you for your purchase. Buy one. Buy them all. 

We are all better for it. 

Guardian Series Illustrated Artwork (2)

Guardian Series Illustrated 5x7 Notecards